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In effect Absolute’s Debtor Finance gives you cash up front for your outstanding invoices. You simply send all the details of your accounts receivable to Absolute. We will then buy your invoices, paying cash immediately. Your customers payments are, in turn, sent to us.

As you raise new invoices these are also sent to Absolute, creating predictable and added instant cashflow.


You can receive up to 90% of the value of your outstanding invoices as upfront cash. The remainder following promptly as customers pay. We will deduct an agreed fee each time we make a payment to you.

  • No minimum annual fee.
  • No application fee.
  • Very competitive rates.
  • Access to our computer for full updates on all aspects of your account.


  • Instant cashflow.
  • Immediate funds at your disposal.
  • Increased working capital to generate more business.
  • New Stock, meet new orders, marketing and promotional activity, increased turnaround, new business opportunities etc.
  • Earn discounts for early payment of your suppliers.
  • No reliance on overdraft facility.
  • No Real Estate security needed.
  • Availability of funds increases in line business growth

Why Absolute?

  • an alternative to traditional bank lines
  • competitive terms tailored to your requirements
  • a comprehensive product range
  • dedicated professional staff who are keen to understand your business needs
  • prompt, personal service

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